Want to discover a new way of traveling? Think that learning new things is worth it? Like to use your time well and have new experiences? A natural choice! - Menorca Workshops offers you the chance to do these things. Discover Menorca, expand your knowledge through specialists, have unforgettable experiences, share your time and live with nature. Learning and traveling? A natural choice!


A Natural choice! offers an array of thematic workshops lead by specialized professors in order to gather in-depth understanding on a specific aspect of Menorca. These are 4-5 day intensive workshops for small groups (10-15 people) that combine cultural and educational tourism on an island that is a Biosphere Reserve.

 Our workshop offers for the 2013 season are the following:

Ancestral Menorca – Archeology Workshop

Menorca on the rocks - Geology Workshop

The Roots of Menorca - Botanical Workshop

A focus on Menorca - Natural Photography

Vital Menorca - Yoga Retreat